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Mobile Python
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This book teaches you how to program your own applications easily on Nokia smartphones based on Symbian OS and the S60 platform. A wide range of smartphone functionalities re covered, including camera, sound and graphics, Bluetooth, Internet, Positioning, messaging and reading of incoming SMS. Over 100 inspiring and fully working application examples are provided that can be instantly executed on your S60 phone. Mobile Python provides you with a light and engaging hands-on coding style that gets you up and running quickly and increases your ski8ll in a smooth and fast manner. You will soon reap the benefits and feel inspired through the style and the ready-to-use programs throughout the chapters. The skills learned also help you to enter the path of open innovation, mad experimentation, and community-oriented development. Mobile Python enables you to take control of your smartphone. Dive in, download, develop, upload and enjoy! Mobile Python - Rapid Prototyping of Applicants on the Mobile Platform introduces Python, the popular open source programming language, to the mobile space.

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